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PDL Draws in Season Finale

JAMAICA, NY- The final 2017 matchup of the season for the FA Euro New York PDL club (3-10-1) brings us to a 1-1 draw versus the Evergreen Hammers (1-11-2) in Queens last night.

In the game, statistics included 7-3 on shots in the game, led by the Euro club. Noah Abrams was issued one save on the evening as Evergreen keeper Sean Connolly was given four saves on five opportunities.

Goals were scored by Conor McGlynn (FAE 41') and Ethan Emmons (EVH 80') of their respective clubs in the match. Emmons goal came at the 80 minute mark that was the equalizer against Euro, who was obviously searching for their 4th win to surpass the 2016 points total with 10.

Ejections and cautions were high on the list last night as the referees weren't so fair to both clubs in that department, as Nando Morales, Charlie Ledula, and Adam Marcu were all handed yellow cards in the game.

A game that featured not so happy players from both sides, that resulted in cautions and ejections galore for both clubs, but mainly for the Euro squad. One goalkeeper on the roster, Noah Abrams was ejected from the game in the final minutes of the game as the last man rule came into effect. Along with Jason Lampkin who was sticking up for his teammate was ejected just a minute later.

FA Euro finishes off the season with 3 wins, 10 losses and one draw on the season, and that final stat comes from last night's result.

GM Joey Jarzynka told I-95 Sports Network through text message on Sunday. "The team is in a rebuild. Like I said back in May, 5 wins would've been nice. But to finish off with 10 points again, I'm not mad. I'm not happy, but I'd say I'm right in the middle with our outcome. Now we will build from this, and begin to build our team for next year NOW. That is how we will win. To get guys on board now."

Continue to follow all FA Euro youth updates, along with PDL updates throughout the remainder of 2017 by logging on to our website at and by logging onto our YouTube page for constant press briefings and conferences that may happen with staff along with players of all different age groups. And stay engaged with everyone at FA Euro during the PDL offseason by using the hashtag #TheNextChapter

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