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With a common goal of improving athletic achievement for all club players, FA Euro and the Sports Science Lab have partnered to provide players with the best physical readiness, injury prevention, and rehabilitation resources and techniques modern science has to offer.

By leveraging advanced technology to fuel data-driven analyses that provide deeper, more precise insights into each individual athlete’s optimal developmental path, SSL performs on the cutting edge of the sports science world. SSL’s soccer-specific sports science and performance experts work directly with FA Euro players, coaches, and staff to provide a detailed developmental map for those players interested in reaching their peak athletic condition and playing at the top of their game.



Hundreds of data points are captured and analyzed during pre-season assessments to determine how an athlete moves and reacts to stimuli.


FA Euro coaches apply actionable insights into soccer-specific training while the SSL team of experts identify areas to strengthen and balance for each player to perform better on the field.


The athlete's brain and body are trained at the Sports Science Lab to perform and move optimally, while SSL staff work with players to match soccer’s physical demands and correct imbalances that hinder performance.


Just as FA Euro coaches periodize their sessions into macro and micro cycles, the SSL staff tailors its training to each athlete’s physical condition and development plan, mixing high-intensity work with sports therapy, injury prevention, and recovery sessions.


The Sports Science Lab (SSL) combines science, innovation and specialized training to suit each athlete’s individual needs. The one-size-fits-all approach to sports performance is outdated and imprecise. Today, the best athletes and teams approach their training based on the unique needs of each athlete, which vary according to sport and position within a sport. At the Sports Science Lab, we focus on science-based performance training to enhance technical sports skills to ensure that each athlete reaches their full athletic potential.

After discussing an athlete’s specific goals, we use the proprietary protocols developed by our sports science team, which are both sport-specific and position-specific. We look at each athlete through a scientific lens by analyzing his or her individual kinetic, neurological, musculoskeletal ability and aerobic capacity. Using 3D kinematic and motion analysis, we identify movement patterns and muscle imbalances that are specific to the athlete’s specific sport and position. 


Our team of experts uses this information to precisely individualize training that ensures optimal performance of that athlete and improves timing and accuracy. Methods used by the SSL encompass not only performance training, but also proactive pre-habilitative exercise, nutrition and recovery methods to improve the range of motion, reduce the risk of injury and maximize performance.





Our Global Assessment is the most in-depth analysis that you will come by. We take a deeper look into not just your movement, but your physiology, biomechanics, movement efficiency, neurological state, neurocognitive abilities, and more. We want to make sure that we have as much information as possible to put you in the best position to succeed not just in soccer and during your time at FA Euro, but in life and the rest of your career as well.



At the NY Sports Science Lab, our team of sports scientists, exercise scientists, and biomechanists combine cutting-edge science and evidence-based methodologies to help athletes reach the very pinnacle of human performance unique to their genotype-phenotype and sport.


"On any given day, athletes that visit the New York Sports Science Lab are taken through a personalized regimen that includes visual stimulation... [which] creates auditory, visual and kinetic stimulus."

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"Let's say for instance, we're analyzing a squat. We can see between the left and right thigh which side is firing more. Is one hamstring overactive versus another? This allows us to zero in on areas of stability or instability."

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"The insights from the tests the lab performs can not only help coaches design training programs to improve skills, but also highlight "pre-habilitation" protocols to prevent injuries from occurring."

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