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FA Euro Announces Partnership with PlayerMaker

OFFICIAL: FA Euro New York is glad to announce a ground-breaking exclusive partnership with football analytic company PlayerMaker.

PlayerMaker is an innovative athlete performance tracking platform, used by world-class clubs such as Man City, Atlanta United, and the Argentina National Team, that is specifically designed for soccer. Utilizing a smart motion sensor on a player’s boots, it presents unparalleled insights on technical, tactical, physical, load and gait analysis, for the players and coaching staff. With a real-time machine learning algorithm, every step and every ball touch counts. PlayerMaker's 6-axis motion smart sensor is built with a gyroscope and accelerometer that samples movement events at 1000 times/sec. Validated by top universities around the world, PlayerMaker is constantly being put to the test in meeting the highest academic research standards. From academy level to professional players, PlayerMaker is a strategic platform to develop athletes of the highest caliber.

"PlayerMaker is a complete coaching and player development tool," comments Director of Technology Artem Makarenko. "It opens an entirely new realm of possibility for player development using a highly sophisticated algorithm in tracking and analyzing metrics for players' physical, technical, and tactical traits. This is something that simply wasn't possible before, at such a refined level. Having FA Euro be a PlayerMaker preferred club, and currently being the only organization in the Tri-state area to incorporate the system speaks volumes about our ambitions of our clearly defined Player Development Pathway."

"We are proud to welcome an esteemed club like FA Euro New York into the Playermaker family," said Gal Barak PM GM. "PlayerMaker is a tool for elite clubs and FA Euro New York aligns itself perfectly with our philosophy. The Club is at the forefront when it comes to player development and has a remarkable track record in promoting players to the professional ranks. PlayerMaker is a great tool to improve your game and scout potential. After serving hundreds of College programs we are thrilled to provide the best tool to showcase the player's talent.

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