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FA Euro New York's College Placement Program is an exclusive opportunity for student-athletes to receive guidance and support in their journey to college athletics. Powered by YesWeCollege (YWC), the program has been designed to help players get noticed by college coaches and increase their chances of being recruited.


With 15 years of experience in American Colleges, YWC has a deep understanding of the college admissions process and knows what coaches are looking for in their players. This expertise enables them to identify universities that are consistent with the characteristics of each student-athlete, including academic strengths, cultural fit, and sporting potential.


The College Placement Program takes a holistic approach to student-athlete development, focusing not only on athletic ability but also on academic and personal growth. YWC works closely with players to identify their goals and aspirations and then matches them with universities that can help them achieve their full potential both on and off the field.


In addition to providing personalized guidance and support throughout the college placement process, YWC also offers resources and tools to help players showcase their skills and achievements to college coaches. This includes creating professional highlight videos, developing player profiles, and coordinating communication between coaches and players.


Overall, FA Euro New York's College Placement Program is an excellent opportunity for student-athletes to receive expert guidance and support as they navigate the college admissions process. With YWC's help, players can increase their chances of finding the right college fit, achieving academic and sporting success, and ultimately realizing their full potential as student-athletes.





  • General guidance on the college application and recruiting process

  • Review on college preferences 

  • Tips on how to speak with college coaches

  • General guidance with the creation of athletic and academic resumes for college coaches to evaluate

  • Guide through the video-making process 

  • Overview of the Financial Aid process and its relationship with scholarships

  • General guidance with Standardized Test taking and its relationships with athletic scholarships

  • Strategies of communication with college coaches, admissions counselors, and other college personnel

  • Information regarding SAT, ACT test importance

  • Review of the communications with coaches 

  • Constant guidance through the recruiting stages

  • Review on college preferences 

  • Tips on how to speak with college coaches

  • Review on college preferences 

  • Review of Academic curriculum 

  • Highlights Tape creation

  • Personal promotion to college coaches via the YWC network 

  • Assistance in communication with coaches 

  • Negotiation with coaches

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