Joe Holland Drafted by Houston Dynamo

Joe Holland, who played under Joe Balsamo in the fall with the Greek Americans was the number tenth MLS first round draft pick. Holland has been officially selected by the Houston Dynamo. Joe was impressive at the MLS combine and his efforts were rewarded with his first professional contract.

"This is a testament to how important the PDL is for US soccer." says Club President Joe Balsamo. "I am proud of Joe and am certain that he will do wonderful things in the MLS. We are all so happy for him. Our goal has always been and remains the same, we want to develop players and give them a real opportunity to make it to the next level. With the support of people like George Mellis and the Greek Americans, we will continue to offer players a competitive platform to showcase their talents. Seventy percent of the draft picks are PDL alums. The league has done such a terrific job.The PDL has proven itself that it is the best place to do just that."



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