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2000's Standout Signs with PDL

BROOKLYN, NY- FA Euro Super Y League standout Nick Baskakov has been signed to the PDL club on an emergency basis for the remainder of the season.

Baskakov, 17, has been playing with the Super Y League for this past season only, and has been very honored to be apart of the action. "Playing in the 2000s this year, (Joining in January) I was very happy when I joined. I knew the squad was strong and with a couple of more additions could easily be one of the best in the country. We worked very hard throughout the winter. On roads when the field wasn't open. Training when it was so cold out that our feet were numb even though we were practicing hard. Practicing on the beach , and all of these events brought us together as a team. This club and team were working very hard in order to achieve what we have in 4 games : 3 Wins and 1 Draw . We are on the road and staying focused for the end goal."

Having an opportunity with the FA Euro PDL club has Nick completely "stoked" for the chance to make a name for himself as one of the farm team kids making a name for himself in the system. He told I-95 Sports Network this morning, "I am very, very, very happy to be signing with the PDL. Especially with coming in January and working hard with the team and putting in extra hours everyday by myself. This shows that if you want something you have to keep working hard and sooner or later you'll get it.

Baskakov knows that this chance is only on an emergency basis for now, and that he must keep playing hard in order to make the team for next season. "I need to keep working hard , I know my weaknesses and just have to improve upon them. Always look to make the teams record better and strive to be the best and alongside aim to beat personal records."

GM Joey Jarzynka has said this about the 17 year old standout for the Super Y League coming up to the PDL. "I'm very happy for Nick to get an opportunity with our PDL club. When Joe, Marco and I discussed pulling him up. I really supported the idea because this kid is a leader with the 2000 Super Y League. I believe that he will be a leader for our PDL team for years to come for sure. He's got a ways to go for sure, but this is the first step to him achieving his goal for our club. And with us going through a full fledged rebuild, having Nick here, is amazing."

He has said countless times to I-95 that he can't wait to go pro. And uses the terminology, "when I go pro." He told Will Canova of I-95 after being asked the question of his aspirations moving forward and his end goal. "Well for now it's to play PDL and become a starter and to lift the PDL trophy , some other goals I have is to become top goal scorer and to play in college in a year. After that I'd like to go pro and if I work hard enough go to Europe and show what I'm worth there.

Yes of course the level in PDL is higher because it's men from college but will my play translate to the PDL. Of course I've been working hard to get here and I feel my game will show it when I get called up. I'd like to thank the Club and all the coaches for this phenomenal chance to show myself and Coach Joe Balsamo for this amazing opportunity."

Baskakov and the PDL club will be looking for their 4th win at the New York Red Bulls U23 club in Whippany, NJ on Wednesday at 7:30pm. Follow our Twitter and Facebook pages for constant game updates.

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