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U18 Impress in SYL Debut

Last night, the U18 were successful in besting Westchester Flames following a dominating 6-1 victory. The first goal was scored early on by Enci Roci, a 2000 midfielder, from a free kick just outside the box. It was a stunning goal in the bottom right corner that left the keeper no chance and led our U18s on a path to victory. Celebration followed soon after when Ben Miles, who made his club return alongside Uthman Aboulwofa and last year PDL player Alan Ponieman, scored the second goal from a penalty. The first half ended 4-0 with Sory Konate and Alan Ponieman contributing to the scoreline respectively. The second half started and Westchester Flames immediately scored from a tap-in following a cross from their winger. However, the result was contained and the boys played out the rest of the game with composure.

The U18s showed that they would not be deterred however as they instantly responded with a goal of their own, a beautiful strike that found the top corner by Uthman. Nick Basakov would go on to score the sixth goal, however he was pulled out of the game early following a back injury as he undergone tests at local hospital and will miss this weekend's match.

The U18s stemmed from a 2000 team that was playing in EDP coached by Ben Marcu, the team was talked about for having great potential. When asked about this, club president Joe Balsamo stated "I think they're a great team with a great future. The players care about each other and are a proud representation of FA Euro. I think they'll go far." The U18s lived up to their potential with a resounding win, securing them an important 3 points as the Super Y League season commences. It's been a great start for a great team.

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