Travis Forsythe Signs for USL League 2

OFFICIAL: FA Euro New York communicates that the man behind the famous freestyler iTekkers brand, Travis Forsythe has signed for the USL League 2. The Guyanese defender/winger will make his first team debut this summer.

"Travis is a pleasure to work with. First and foremost, he is a wonderful and humble person who is one of the hardest working players in the club. He has been immensely dedicated to the project and shows a burning desire to improve. He was one of the players who immediately shined during trials. Despite being widely known as a freestyler, on the field he plays a very simple and elegant game. He is a player of great use and versatility for the First Team and can play many different roles." - Marco Balsamo, Club Executive Director

Welcome to the FA Euro family, Travis! Forza!

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