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Thriston Briscoe Trials in Italy

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

The Viareggio Cup World Football Tournament is the premier platform for the upcoming generation of football's elite. It has been the world stage of youth professional showcases that has jumpstarted the career of then unknown, now household names of global mega-stars such as Andrea Pirlo, Romelu Lukaku, and Federico Bernardeschi. In the words of FA Euro's very own World Cup Winner, Paolo Berrettini, the Viareggio Cup is "an important trampoline that can take players to incredible heights."

The 71st edition of the tournament marked the second official time of FA Euro New York's participation. While this year's match results may not have met the lofty expectations set forth, the club's proven track record of giving players the opportunity to pursue the collective dream of playing at the highest levels has never been stronger.

Team Vice Captain, Thriston Briscoe, returned to the Viareggio Cup for the second consecutive time with one objective in mind: play to stay. The US born, Jamaican national team prospect caused several heads to turn with his impressive performances as a winger in last year's edition of the competition, putting him on the radar of several professional clubs and scouts. Using the momentum and experience gained from his last outing, Thriston knew that his 2019 tournament run with FA Euro was the once in a lifetime opportunity needed to finally realize the collective long sought dream that every player pursues, to play at the professional level. 

Thriston in a hard fought battle against Parma Calcio, Viareggio 2019.

It is with great pleasure that can announce that Thriston Briscoe has finally inched one step closer to an objective in which he's claimed to serve as a means of a better life for both he and his family. The midfielder has remained in Italy, after his teammates returned to the States, for a professional trial with Serie D side, ASD Seravezza Calcio. "He is a player with important qualities and characteristics that are hard to go unnoticed." exclaims club director Paolo Berrettini. "He has ample margins for improvement and there's no better place to learn and begin your professional career like with an important league like the Serie D or Lega Pro." As of the publication of this article, Seravezza currently sits two points shy of first place as they push for a coveted Lega Pro spot by the season's conclusion come June.

Director of Media, Agata Domanska, reflects on her experience working with Thriston during the Viareggio Cup tour. "I am so excited and happy for Thriston. From the moment I interviewed him in Italy, I  knew he was unique and had a bright future ahead of him. He was so humble but incredibly determined to the point where his dream of playing professionally became tangible. He has a very clear goal and the strong, personal reasons behind his ambitions were incredibly touching to me. He's an example of why we do what we do and how the sport of football can make such a positive difference in our lives." 

"I was excited to know that my talents were finally recognized. Joe, Marco, Paolo, Angelo and the rest of the FA Euro staff helped me to just be myself. They motivated me to keep working hard while having fun," said Thriston. "They told me to trust and to believe in my capabilities and I thank them greatly for allowing me to have this opportunity. My goal is to make the club and my family proud, I want to repay them for everything that they have given me. Especially my parents, because they have made countless sacrifices in giving me a better life." 

Thriston is scheduled to return to the States after his one week trial with the Northern Tuscany based team. He is then scheduled to return once the transfer market re-opens in the summer where he plans to pen his first professional contract.

"I would like to thank Fausto Klinger, because he was one of the first coaches who believed in me." continued Briscoe. "Fausto was the person who introduced me to FA Euro. Then once Marco and Joe saw my talent, they took me in like their son and took care of the rest for me. They never gave up on me and continued to make sure I got the exposure I needed which had landed me the opportunity that I am currently making the most of now."

"Thriston's story is the reason why the club makes significant investments in competitions such as the Viareggio Cup. It is the second, consecutive year where we have placed players with professional clubs," lauded Club President Joe Balsamo. "These are the victories that really count for us. It's the epitome of FA Euro's goal and overall mission as a club. Everything is now in Thriston's hands ad we are all confident that he will hold on tight and continue to make a bigger splash. He is a mature player who was patient and trusted the process. He's been working hard for the past year and we are all so happy for him."


The club would like to wish Thriston all the best of luck in this new endeavor. Forza Thriston!


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