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iTekkers Announced As Club's Social Media Director

OFFICIAL: The club is proud to announce the appointment of popular and locally beloved football influencer Travis Forsythe, better known by his online pseudonym -- iTekkers, as FA Euro New York’s Director of Social Media.

iTekkers, who has amassed a social media presence with more than 200,000 followers, made a name for himself for capturing incredible set piece videos. iTekkers will now run, handle and manage FA Euro New York’s social media channels promoting the club and taking its brand identity to the next level.

“Travis is the perfect example of adhering to and embracing the new age of technology. He has become very successful, thanks to his innovative ways of creating content while being proactive and staying true to his love of the game. Social media has affected every asset of football, from the grass roots to the professional level, becoming an integral part of every club and association’s marketing strategy. Travis is a master of his craft when it comes to engagement and is a pioneer on the still relatively infant social media front. He's a professional, both on and off the field and is also an excellent role model for the many younger players that look up to him. We are thrilled to have Travis as part of the club family and know that he will help elevate our brand to new audiences across the globe.” – Executive Director Marco Balsamo

Travis, one of the first USL League Two signings to be announced last year, currently plays with the club’s Men’s Team

"I've always lived by the motto, 'What you do after you fail, determines if you’ll be successful or not.' It's this type of mindset that I live my life. I love the club and everyone here, from the players, coaches, and directors share a similar mindset. We all love the game of soccer and clock in day in and day out so that we may improve and do a little better than the day before. I'm excited to take over the club's social media platforms in an effort to spread more awareness about the wonderful things FA Euro does for the betterment of the sport on a daily basis." - Travis Forsythe

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