Free Intramural Clinic Begins Feb. 7

The club will hold a free Intramural Clinic on February 7th at 7:30 PM at new Utrecht High School.

Spearheaded by Louis Mignone, FA Euro Soccer will roll-out during the month of February a progressive program of player development that is specifically designed to maximize fun, inclusion engagement, and learning. The curriculum for this program will be addressed systematically through a sequence of themes that advance in a logical manner from one session to the next. A focus upon passing and receiving for example will precede the exploration of combination play. Breaking-down the aspects of the first, individual, or pressuring defender will naturally simplify comprehension of the function of the second / cover and third / balance defenders. The sharpening of proper technical execution will occur within the context of the game so that the realism of opposition, teammates, and fluctuations of time and space will serve to empower players to problem-solve and make their own decisions. Teaching and learning will be facilitated through a 4v4 play model, the most scaled-down version of the full-sided game that retains the fundamental elements of width and depth of support.

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