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Cosmos Legend to Coach PDL

OFFICIAL: Ferdinando De Matthaeis, technical director of FA Euro Academy, will take the reins as the new Head Coach of FA Euro’s PDL team in the summer of 2018. De Matthaeis is no stranger to the New York soccer scene as he played for one of the most legendary clubs in the United States, the New York Cosmos.

During his playing days with the Cosmos, De Matthaeis was able to share the same field with many of soccer’s greatest stars, including the one and only Pelè. De Matthaeis reflected on his first encounter with Pelè saying, “The first time I met Pelè at a Cosmos ceremony: he called me by my name and he knew who I was, it was a moment I'd never forget."

Towards the end of his playing career, De Matthaeis made the switch to coaching. Now after years of coaching around the world, De Matthaeis is ready to return to New York. “It’s definitely an exciting and ‘romantic’ comeback to the area that embraced me when I first arrived to the US and played for the NY Cosmos.” The experienced and highly decorated Coach De Matthaeis will make his return to New York as the new Head Coach for FA Euro. Coming off of a successful NPSL season, De Matthaeis spoke on his preparation and experience transitioning into his new position. “I coached during the 90's at this level, NJ Stallions, Jersey Riptide and New Jersey Imperial I must say with a lot of success. I hope I’ll be able to repeat the success I had and help FA Euro reach the playoffs spot that the club is aiming for. I'm part of a great organization (both on a technical and an ownership level), and it will provide me all the tools to succeed, no excuses.”

For the past four season De Matthaeis has had large success in the NPSL, winning three Sunshine Conference Championships: one with Miami United FC and two with Miami Fusion FC. Last season, his Miami Fusion FC team held the #1 National ranking for a large part of the season before an exit in the national playoff. Throughout this time, he not only produced a winning team but has helped numerous players reach a higher level of competition. After each of the four seasons, several players under De Matthaeis’ leadership signed professional contracts with clubs in USL, NASL and even Europe.

Before his run in the NPSL he spent several years in charge of youth teams at IMG Academy in Bradenton Florida. During his time at IMG, he sent many prospects to the Youth National Team System and on to college careers. His time at IMG gave De Matthaeis the tools to help secure college scholarships from around the country for his players.

De Matthaeis also brings European experience to the club as a player and a coach. He was on the coaching staff at Foggia Calcio, which played in Serie B, the 2nd division of Italian soccer. During his time with Foggia he led youth teams, scouted for the first team and served as interim head coach. The connections he made overseas have given him the opportunity to help numerous talented players gain access to Italy and other parts of Europe.

De Matthaeis’ ability to adapt to new and different leagues has made him a very effective coach throughout the years. The transition to the PDL from NPSL will be no different as far as he is concerned. He will prepare the same way he has for years and take on each game with the same confidence and poise. “The fact that the PDL is directly involved with MLS and has more of a solid and proven path to the pros for players and why not, for coaches as well, gives me great motivation. The PDL is where aspiring professionals go to play. I’m up for the challenge.”

His past accomplishments make De Matthaeis the perfect selection as the new Head Coach here at FA Euro. We are pleased to have a leader of his stature in charge of our PDL team, giving us not only a great chance to win but also an even greater pathway for our players to continue their careers at a higher level. De Matthaeis is truly a servant to the game and will continue to help grow soccer not only in our club but also in America.

De Matthaeis is committed to building a winning team for 2018 and beyond with FA Euro. Every team under his control has produced for him at some level. When it comes to his selection process, De Matthaeis will look for players he can trust first of all. The best possible selection for his FA Euro team will be a blended team of young talented players that can mesh well with a more established and experience core.

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