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Club Partners With GlobalTeam Sports

F.A. Euro is delighted to announce a partnership with GLOBALTEAM-Sports.

GLOBALTEAM-Sports helps soccer players from all over the world find the best U.S. college for them. The Company offers a player-centered process, including everyday, personal assistance as the player adjusts to life in the U.S., with a special focus on athletics, academics, and life skills. This unique ability to help the student athlete both on and off the soccer pitch is what separates GLOBALTEAM-Sports from other companies.

The Company was founded by international student athletes and consists of 16 employees from 7 different countries around the world. At its heart, the Company’s mission is to help players earn scholarships at the collegiate level in the U.S.

F.A. Euro and GLOBALTEAM-Sports will collaborate to create opportunities for players to attend college all over the U.S. and excel in the U.S. soccer system.

GLOBALTEAM-Sports’ mission compliments F.A. Euro’s domestic mission to provide young players equal access to education through soccer and the Club is looking forward to launching this new, exciting partnership.

GLOBALTEAM-Sports and F.A. Euro will kick off their partnership by offering a New York College Showcase Camp at Maritime College this summer (June 28 - July 8). The showcase is open to both international students and U.S. students aged 15 - 20, who wish to play collegiate soccer.

For more information and registration, please visit

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