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Canalicchio Signs For Parma Calcio

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

BREAKING: Within the final two hours of this summer's unbelievable Italian transfer market, newly promoted Serie A side Parma Calcio have announced the signing of FA Euro's Nicolò Canlicchio (born 2001) who they have acquired on loan. Nicolò, a versatile defender who can play either center back or both the left and right flank, participated in the Viareggio Cup earlier in March and had a stellar performance. He then remained in Italy, playing for Ternana until the end of the season. Nicolò is the youngest player to have played for Ternana's first team and his standout performances have not gone unnoticed. The future is bright for Nicolò who trained under the great Paolo Berrettini, former head coach for the Italian U21 national side.

It is with great pride and joy that all of us at FA Euro New York wish Nicolò the best of luck on this endeavor and that we are so proud of his outstanding achievement.


Forza Nicolò!

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