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2001 To Participate in IMG Cup

The club will be bringing its 2001 age group to this year's upcoming IMG Cup College Showcase located in beautiful Bradenton, Florida. Taking place between March 3 - 5, The IMG Cup College Showcase is open to clubs around the world and offers players exposure to college coaches from some of the top programs in the nation.

At IMG Academy, Soccer athletes have access to 20+ multi-purpose fields, a 65,000 square-foot Performance Center with a 12,000 square-foot weight room and a covered turf facility.All of our facilities are maintained at a professional standard to ensure the perfect training environment for every athlete.

"IMG Academy is a very special place for us. It's where we participated at the Super Y League Finals earlier last year. It is one of the most impressive venues on the planet and we couldn't be happier to visit and perform there again." said Executive Director Marco Balsamo.

Coach Pietro Asaro feels that the showcase will be the perfect opportunity for his players to prepare for the upcoming Super Y League season. "The tournament will be a platform to see where we stand in terms of the competition. The boys have a couple more years left of high school and this showcase is the best way for them to be scouted. Secondly, we have the intention of performing well in this upcoming Super Y League season. We want to qualify for nationals and see how far we can go. We were so proud of our older teammates in the 1998 age group and we want to follow in their footsteps. We are ambitious and hungry, we want to make some noise."

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