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2024 Season



2024 College Placement Program

FA Euro New York's College Placement Program is an exclusive opportunity for student-athletes to receive guidance and support in their journey to college athletics. Powered by YesWeCollege (YWC), the program has been designed to help players get noticed by college coaches and increase their chances

Time & Location

2024 Season



About the Event

The College Placement Program takes a holistic approach to student-athlete development, focusing not only on athletic ability but also on academic and personal growth. YWC works closely with players to identify their goals and aspirations and then matches them with universities that can help them achieve their full potential both on and off the field.

In addition to providing personalized guidance and support throughout the college placement process, YWC also offers resources and tools to help players showcase their skills and achievements to college coaches. This includes creating professional highlight videos, developing player profiles, and coordinating communication between coaches and players.

Overall, FA Euro New York's College Placement Program is an excellent opportunity for student-athletes to receive expert guidance and support as they navigate the college admissions process. With YWC's help, players can increase their chances of finding the right college fit, achieving academic and sporting success, and ultimately realizing their full potential as student-athletes.


  • First Phase

    First Phase, Video analysis: The consultant agrees to provide to the player the analysis of a maximum of 15 games for the entire duration of the first phase and at most 3 games per month. The first phase starts on the effective date and finishes on November 30th of the year prior to the player's projected High-School graduation. The player is responsible for uploading videos via the HUDL platform and tagging the videos. First Phase Fee: $1,000

  • Second Phase

    Second Phase, General Analysis and Academic Resume Creation: The Consultant agrees to provide the Player with a general analysis of academic and soccer goals, as well as the creation of an academic resume and highlights tape. This step aims to identify and showcase the Player's skills and achievements. Second Phase Fee: $1,000 for the services provided in the second phase. This fee is due by December 15th of the year prior to the player's expected High-school graduation.

  • Third Phase

    Activation of Promotion and Strategic Support: Upon completion of the second phase, the Consultant agrees to actively promote the Player to college coaches. This includes strategic support in communication with interested coaches and assistance with the college application process. Third Phase Fee: Upon the Player receiving a roster spot at a college, the Player agrees to pay an additional flat fee of $1,600 for the services provided in the third phase.




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