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Viareggio Tryouts (NY) Set

Following the announcement regarding PDL trials, the club communicates that it will hold specific tryouts for the prestigious Viareggio Cup tournament between September to December in New York (Brooklyn), Florida (Sarasota), and Canada (Toronto).

"The club is looking for the best players on the continent to represent not only FA Euro but North American soccer." explains Viareggio Vice Coach Angelo Orlando. "There are players who have emerged out of the tournament who have now become household names. This is one of the most important elements we focus on and are looking for players who can be the future of this game."

With dates and times for the Sarasota and Toronto trials to be revealed shortly, the following tryout weekend dates have been set for Brooklyn, New York.

Dates: September 22-23, October 27-28, November 17-18

Players can register by clicking HERE.

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