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Viareggio Roster Revealed

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

OFFICIAL: FA Euro New York has officially revealed the full roster for the upcoming Viareggio Cup. The team will travel to Italy on March 6th as they continue to make final preparations ahead of the tournament. The squad features an ensemble of international players from around the world. In regards to last year's roster, a total of 7 players will be returning for this year's edition. FA Euro players Michael Kulas, Vincenzo Balsamo, Daniel Kazberuk, Thriston Briscoe, Nermin Buljubasic, Sory Konate and Andre Vilcini, all who are USL League Two prospects, will make their second appearance in the world renowned competition.  


Flavio Giannini - Currently playing for AS Ostiamare Lido Calcio in the Serie D, Flavio Giannini has been considered a prospect for the Italian youth national team player pool. Making his professional debut at the tender age of 17, he has a very bright future ahead of him as this will be his first experience with FA Euro and playing at the Viareggio Cup.

Michael Kulas - The tried and true shot stopper for FA Euro, this will be Michael's second run at the Viareggio Cup. The Toronto native has been very active for FA Euro this year, being the starting keeper during the team's 2nd place finish at the IMG Cup in December. The young keeper will surely be a future USL League Two prospect for the club as he has been a wall between the posts for the last two season.


Anthony Lo Piccolo - Making his professional debut in 2018 by signing to Castellammare Calcio in Sicily, Anthony is a youth product of FA Euro's sister Club ASD Città di Carini in Palermo. This past summer, during the FA Euro Sicily Development Tour, Anthony had strong performances playing alongside his American teammates against teams such as Messina and Palermo.

Henry Hysenagolli - A new club signing, Henry is a promising center back who has had strong showings during the team's tournament preparations. The upcoming starlet, who has had previous professional club trials in Albania, will make his official debut in Viareggio and will also be a USL League Two signing for the 2019 season.

Marcus Gabrielli - A player who has been shortlisted by Torino's youth academy, Marcus will also make his debut as an FA Euro player at the upcoming Viareggio Cup. He will be making a splash in D1 soccer come Autumn 2019, where he will play for Brown University. A towering center back with a strong physical presence, Marcus will fit right at home as he is familiar with the high demands of European football.


Abdul Fofana - The Ivory Coast born center midfielder has displayed great physical strength and pace during exhibition matches in preparation to the tournament. In particular, Abdul had stand out performances during the club's participation in the IMG Cup last December. Sharing similar playing traits in that of his country man Franck Kessié, the tank of a midfielder will be a tour de force of the team's defensive line.  

Daniel Kazberuk - The FA Euro youth product will return to Viareggio again, serving as part of the 7 man core of team veterans. The crafty leftie can play both as a left back or winger and his pace will be utilized to great effect on the left side of the field. The seasoned player will bring not only pace, but much valued experience to the tournament.

Vincenzo Balsamo - Like Daniel, Vincenzo is one of the seven players who participated in last year's competition. The team's bull dog powerhouse of a defender will bring out his innate qualities of aggression and "cattiveria", or wickedness, that is much needed at the highest levels of play that is the minimum of what is to be expected at the cup. Like his veteran peers, Vincenzo is very familiar with the level of competition as his experience and knowledge of the tournament will be vital.


Ilirian Gjata - Ilirian is a New York native who is currently playing professionally in Kosovo with KF 2 Korriku. The tactically sound player can play as both a central defender and midfielder, whose experience playing at a high level will be a key element in adding depth and maturity to the squad.

Nermin Buljubasic - The returning team captain, Nermin has led the team in last year's tournament run. An FA Euro youth product, Nermin is the heart of the team's midfield and the several years of international experience, including a trial with Udinese, will hopefully culminate in this year's effort as the team aims to make history and seek a play-off qualification spot.

Antonio Galeoto - The Palermo born, Sicilan native has been selected by FA Euro's international scouting team with an impressive season with his current team, Alcamo. The creative midfielder is a regular starter for Alcamo's senior team and will join fellow countrymen Anthony Lo Piccolo and Flavio Giannini.


Sory Konate - The Guinean talisman had a wonderful outing at last year's competition. He was a particular stand out in the club's third and final match against Juventus and plans to bring back the same quality of play to this year's competition. A pacy creative midfielder, Sory plans to leave another strong impression with the hope of staying in Europe to play professionally.

Gezim Blata - The 2002 born player is one of the youngest on the roster. A new debutante for the club, Gezim's never say die work ethic and desire has caught him the attention from Coach Balsamo who has always appreciated players who give their all, 100% of the time. Reunited with former teammates in the likes of Henry & Hage Hysenagolli and Nermin Buljubasic, Gezim seamlessly inserted himself right away into the club and overall system ands style of play.  

Yiannis Nictas - One of the clubs latest signings heading into the tournament, Yiannis has adapted seamlessly into the heart of center midfield. Being one of three 1999 born players, he comes in as a mature player who will act as a leader within the locker room. Alongside his younger brother Demetrios, Yiannis will be new to the Viareggio Cup scene but will surely make a splash from the get-go.

Hage Hysenagolli - The twin brother of Henry, Hage is a clever creative attacking center midfielder who has a natural penchant of pushing foward. His natural playing abilities aligns perfectly with the club's attacking style of play. One of the younger players on the roster, Hage has considerable room of growth and development and is considered to be one of the pillars for the club's future.

Andre Vilcini - The Toronto native makes his second appearance at the tournament. His first outing in last year's competition was unfortunate as he was plagued with a tendon injury that saw him sit out the last two matches within the group stage. However, Andre returned to full force as he was a pivotal figure as a central midfielder at the IMG Cup. With his injury well behind him, Andre plans to make a long awaited impact in this year's tournament.

Nickala Metreveli - Nickala joined the club last fall, playing for the 2002 age group. His performances piqued Coach Balsamo's attention and he was quickly called up to train with the player pool that was in consideration for Viareggio. With consistent performances in exhibition matches and strong showings during training sessions, he has earned a roster spot. Alongside Bruno Servisi, Nickala is one of the younger 2002 born players to be called up for the tournament.


Bruno Servisi - Like his 2002 teammate Nickala, Bruno is one of the younger players on the roster. The versatile forward can double up a winger and has been utilized in various ways through out exhibition matches prior to the tournament. A player who can play with pace and a natural eye for goal, Bruno will be a force to be reckoned with.

Mark Shnadsteyn - One of the older players in the group, the 1999 born striker earned the moniker "Speed Demon" from his teammates. Possessing the ability to find space with his tremendous pace and acceleration, Mark is considered the target man for the team's attacking build up play. Mark will also be one of the latest signings to partake in the USL League Two this upcoming season.

Thriston Briscoe - Jamaican international youth player, Thriston had a breakout performance in last year's tournament, piquing the attention from professional clubs such as AC Milan and Benevento. Thriston also impressed in the Sicily Player Development Tour, scoring a total of four goals in six games, in August and aims to stick the landing this time around in clinching a professional contract.


Harry Sankey - The English born striker was scouted by Executive Director Marco Balsamo, during the 2018 Ivy Preparatory School League, playing for Poly Prep Country Day School. Harry's off the ball movement immediately caught the attention of Coach Balsamo who sought out to sign him to the club. He featured prominently during the IMG Cup and this will be his first international tour with FA Euro. 

Demetrios Nictas - Yiannis' younger brother, Demetrios is a player who shares an equal amount of flair and grit, being an all around player who can be lethal in attack whilst being supportive in defense. Constantly seeking to improve as a player, Demetrios shows an outstanding desire of standing out and will be fun to watch at the tournament.

Michael Lin - The towering forward formed a clinical striking partnership with Mark Shnadsteyn. His grace on the ball and natural, intimidating physical prowess has proved effective in the exhibition matches prior to the tournament. The New Jersey native was scouted and hand picked by Coach Balsamo who sees Michael as an aerial threat and a target man to create goalscoring opportunities.  

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