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Viareggio: Professionalism & Opportunity

Edison Cavani, Daniele De Rossi, Mario Balotelli, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Leonardo Bonnucci, Mauro Icardi. All world class players who share one thing in common: their first impact that showcased their quality on a global scale began at the Viareggio Cup.

In the example of "Why Always Me" legend Mario Balotelli, it was his performance at the 2008 edition Viareggio Cup that earned him the top goalscorer of the tournament, netting an impressive seven goals. Shortly after his stellar performance, Mario would go on to receive his first call up with the first team of Inter Milan under Roberto Mancini.

Sebastian Giovinco, who just won his first MLS Cup with Toronto FC used the Viareggio Cup as a launching pad when he exploded onto the scene winning the tournament with Juventus back in 2005.

The Viareggio Cup is the premier professional showcase for aspiring players across the globe. An example of how serious the world's elite clubs take the tournament, Professor Gola who was the sports doctor for Juventus FC during the 2012 edition of the tournament reveals how every aspect, such as nutrition is analyzed to the smallest of details in respect to the team's participation for matches.

FA Euro LIAC have officially entered in the 70th edition of the Viareggio Cup. Coaches Joe Balsamo and Ferdinando de Matthaeis have been scouting the continent on complimenting an already strong 1999-2000 team.

"Our goal is to pass the first round. Then we'll see what happens." says Coach Joe Balsamo. "This tournament is every player's dream and the boys should know that to be here is a luxury."

Viareggio Tryouts have been announced, alongside PDL, for interested players. Visit our Events page for more information.

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