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U18 Secure 1st Place in Super Y

Following an intense and dramatic game, FA Euro's U18s triumphed over long-time rivals, Met Oval. This 2-1 victory confirmed our boys's place at the top of the table with 17 points and a 5-1-2 record that guarantees them participation in Nationals in Florida this December. The first half kicked off and Met Oval began the game with possession. Following an early chance for Met Oval, FA Euro began to retain control over the ball. After some back-and-forth exchanges, Conor McGlynn puts FA Euro on the scorecard following a powerful header that found its way in the bottom-right corner. The first half would end 1-0, in favor of FAE.

The first half had its fair share of yellow cards and fouls, and the second half was no different as a penalty and a red card was given against Met Oval. Conor McGlynn cooly took the penalty and placed the ball perfectly in the top-right. 2-0 for FA Euro. Met Oval were forced to play the majority of the second half with 10 men, however this did not stop them from scoring a lone goal from a wide free-kick that curled into the top left. As things began to look up for Met Oval, they received a second red card following an altercation in which Met Oval's goalkeeper headbutted FA Euro midfielder Sebastian Silva. The eventful and imperative match ended 2-1, gifting FA Euro with a well-deserved and well-merited first place spot. With the return of currently injured players Jesse Rodrigues, Nermin Bujulbasic, Daniel Kazberuk, Nick Baskakov, and Alan Ponieman along with several possible additions, our U18s are well on the way to continue their winning ways and to bring the club gold and pride as they set their sights on Nationals.

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