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Tryouts an Overwhelming Success

This Wednesday saw the first PDL tryout for the 2018 season and the last tryout of 2017. This holiday season's tryout saw more than 65 players opting for a spot on the PDL team. During bitterly cold weather, a plethora of talent showed off their skills and caught the attention of several club coaches.

The club's Under 18 Super Y League Finalists participated in this tryout with hope of getting to the next level. When asked about the level of talent at the tryout, club president Joe Balsamo responded with this comment: "I'm very happy with what I saw today. To see this many players coming out here in this cold really speaks to the dedication of not only our coaches and staff but also all of these players. I'm thrilled that we were able to make this tryout such a massive sucess." Our next New York PDL tryout is scheduled for January 21, 2018.

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