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The Boys Return to IMG

As what has been a yearly tradition, the club has once again returned from the IMG Cup Boy's Invitational Tournament. While 2019 didn't see the club bring back home any silverware to add to the championship wall, it was an overwhelmingly positive experience that will set a precedent for the approaching new year.

This year saw the club bring its 2007, 2005 and 2003 teams. Whilst last year was a rough one during the competition for the 2007 and 2005 age group, this year saw a drastic improvement in performance. The 2007, coached by Vincent Balsamo and Joseph Cayenne, featured in 11v11 for the first time. However, the larger area of play would not limit the boys as they played a great, attractive game of soccer. The third game in the tournament, against a formidable Chargers Soccer Club (Florida), would see the boys trail 3-0. However, their never-say-die attitude saw the boys claw and fight back to tie the match 3-3, in addition to seeing 3 unlucky chances being denied by the woodwork.

The 2005 team, despite succumbing to a 1-0 loss in the final match of the tournament against a Miami Rush side, had a similar experience to that of their younger brothers as they played a terrific game of soccer, led by Coach Adam Marcu, that was appreciated by the staff and those who would watch from the sidelines. It was the first tournament that featured new signings Anthony Benvenuto, Marlon Bravo, and Musa Saliaj and all three impressed.

"It's amazing to see the quick growth of these players. They are a fantastic group of young men who love the game and have also fallen in love with the process, which requires a consistent commitment to hard work, of getting better and improving as both people and players." - Marco Balsamo, Executive Director

The 2003 team, winning last year's edition, had a difficult second run at the tournament. With several players missing out due to an upcoming tour in Italy, this year saw Coach Glendon Cateau bring up several younger 2004 players together with the 2003 players of Coach Boris Kraytman. Despite the difference in age, the players did their best and have a foundation of improvement to work on going into 2020.

"The players need to work harder today for a better tomorrow. I am proud of the younger players' performances, despite playing up a year. We have the right mindset to continue on the correct track and we are all motivated to get back onto the field after the holiday break and make 2020 one to remember." - Coach Glendon Cateau

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