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Sawaneh Named 2003 Head Coach

FA Euro New York communicates that PDL defender Momodou Sawaneh has been named the head coach for the 2003 boy's age group. It is the first official coaching alignment announcement made in anticipation for the 2017-18 season.

The club is undergoing a new initiative for its upcoming season in bringing on young coaches who not only comprehend the club's philosophy, but experienced it. Being a veteran for the PDL side, Momodou plans to share his enthusiasm and knowledge of the game both as a player and now coach for the club's youth system.

Executive Director Marco Balsamo commented on the recent staff signing. "Momodou symbolizes the FA Euro project. We want to offer players a true home. Whether it's playing or coaching, all our players will always have an outlet to do something positive in the sport that we all share a communal passion for. Now, as our General Manager Joey exclaimed before, this is a transition year for the club and we are taking the necessary steps in elevating ourselves to an unprecedented level of quality and excellence. I'd like to wish Momo the best of luck and know that the kids will love him."

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