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PDL Suffers Heart-Wrenching 8th Loss

It was the second game in three days for FA Euro as they welcomed Reading United AC to Belson Stadium for their second and final meeting of the season. After a disappointing 1-0 loss on Sunday to Ocean City which saw FA Euro with only a few shots, FA Euro looked to rebound with more offensive pressure against Reading United.

Wasting no time, it wasn’t FA Euro, but Reading United who got off to a hot start. In the 7’ minute, forward Ivan Abramovic received the ball right in front of the net, but he put too much power on the ball and it went over the crossbar. Then, in the 19’ minute, another shot by Abramovic hit off the post and rolled along the goal line never crossing the plane. The ball was eventually cleared out by FA Euro.

Things didn’t change for FA Euro as they constantly gave up offensive pressure to Reading United. In the 31’ minute, FA Euro surrendered the first goal of the game. Reading United’s midfielder Aaron Molloy found teammate Paul Marie over the middle on a through ball before he beat Euro’s Keeper Brian McPartland.

Keeping the momentum from their first goal, Reading United struck again quickly with a goal in the 37’ minute. A miscommunication between FA Euro defender Ben Marcu and the other defenders saw midfielder Aaron Molloy with a wide open shot right in front of the goal. Molloy had no problem finishing the play as he had the whole right side of the net open.

In the 41’ minute, FA Euro finally got a great opportunity off the free kick to try to score, but the free kick led to a foul by Euro. After nearly surrendering another goal in the 45’ minute, FA Euro took advantage with a counter attack. Charlie Ledula crossed the ball over to Forward Zhurabek Khusanov who scored FA Euro’s lone goal of the match. Khusanov left the game after getting Injured on the play and was replaced by veteran forward Adam Marcu.

FA Euro came out at half time like a whole new team. They began shooting the ball more after only one shot in the first half. In the 52’ minute, Adam Marcu had a great opportunity from in front of the goal to even the score, but his shot went wide right. Then, in the 54’ minute, Charlie Ledula had a goal robbed from him by Reading United keeper Alex Bouillinnec who made a fantastic save on the shot from inside the box.

FA Euro’s lack of communication began to return, and in the 63’ minute Reading United put the game out of reach for FA Euro. Gilly Waso saw his shot saved and deflected by Euro’s McPartland before it found its way to Khori Bennett who scored Reading’s third goal.

FA Euro had a chance in the 78’ minute but couldn’t get the shot off from the free kick. In the 81’ minute, Morton Weenas nearly scored off a free kick opportunity, but the shot just went wide left.

Reading was able to score one final goal in the 90’ minute stoppage time. McPartland made the initial save on the shot, but Gilly Waso was there to bury the ball. Reading United AC came away with the victory over FA Euro New York 4-1.

FA Euro season continues on July 9th in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania as they travel down to take on Lehigh Valley United. The game will begin at 7:30 PM EDT.

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