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PDL Falls to Their Sixth Loss

JAMAICA, NY--The FA Euro New York (2-6-0) fell to the last place Jersey Express Soccer club (2-6-0) in a slugfest 5-0 on their home field a few hours ago. The loss puts the teams playoff hopes to rest, as they have lost their last five of six games after winning their season opener in Virginia on Mother's Day Weekend. #ElCapitan Christian Camacho and Morten Wenaas were both issues red cards in the teams loss.

A bad game from start to finish, as described by the team's GM, Joey Jarzynka. "The game began with Jersey Express taking control to start off, for a team that is in prime playoff position. It truly hurts. Listen, I know that we are in a transition year and still evaluating our players day by day, but this performance, was pathetic and unacceptable." The game began poorly when there was four shots on net within the first 11' minutes of the match for Jersey Express by LIU Post's Harry Pearse. Pearse is a teammate of Euro's Mauritzon, Ledula, Lampkin, and Wenaas.

The first goal of the evening was scored by Jersey Express, by Romario Goulart, who scored his second goal of the season tonight. His first goal was assisted by Harry Pearse. In the second half, Euro came out slow once again, as the second goal of the match was scored on a gorgeous cross pass from Pearse once again, where Louis Mobbs scored his first goal of the night. At 2-0, substitutions became active for Euro, as #ElCapitan Christian Camacho was given a red card for a call that could very well have been avoided. In turn, Camacho will not be available to play in their next match on the road at Ocean City next Sunday. Substitutions became the only story line for Euro, as Adam Marcu replaced the leading goal scorer Jason Lampkin. Marcu had a breakaway opportunity, where he was tripped and initially called offsides by the side official, but was overruled by the center official in order to become a penalty shot. A shot that would have put the Euro squad within a goal and the momentum in their favor.

Marcu missed the penalty shot.

"A real good opportunity for FA Euro, but they just couldn't execute. We have to move on from it, and cannot let it affect us." Well, it affected them mightily, where they allowed four straight goals in a span of 23 minutes, with the 5th goal being a "beginners" type save (Jarzynka). Midfielder Morten Wenaas was issued a red card for his action according to sources was "abusive language toward an official." Wenaas and Coach Balsamo declined comment on that regard. Euro fell to Jersey Express 5-0 in full time. Euro will return home on 6/27 vs. Reading United AC.

FA Euro travels to Ocean City, NJ next weekend to take on the Nor'Easters at 7:30pm, who beat the Euro club 2-0 in their home opener. Follow the game via Twitter and Facebook for all updates on the game.

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