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PDL Falls To Seventh Loss in Nail-Biter

A series of unfortunate events plagued FA Euro earlier in the season during their home opener against the Ocean City Nor’easters. Sunday, FA Euro looked to even the season series as they traveled down the Garden State Parkway to take on Ocean City on their home turf.

It was not the start that FA Euro had hoped for as they surrendered an early goal to the Nor’easters. A corner in the 4’ minute saw Max Hemmings receive a perfect pass from Akeel Barrett, before he fired the ball into the back of the net.

Not taking the momentum away from Ocean City, FA Euro nearly surrendered another goal in the 16’ minute, but Euro’s keeper Brian McPartland made a beautiful save. Not even a minute later McPartland made another incredible diving save to his right.

Ocean City continued to pressure McPartland as they nearly doubled their lead in the 41’ minute. After making the initial save, the Nor’easters got behind McPartland and inches from the goal before Juan David Dominguez saved the ball from crossing the goal line.

The second half began the same way the first half ended with FA Euro struggling to put pressure on Ocean City. In the 50’ minute, Ocean City nearly got one past McPartland, but he was able to hang onto the ball.

After the first half saw Ocean City with eight shots compared to FA Euro’s one, FA Euro knew they had to shoot the ball more to score. With few opportunities on attack, FA Euro needed to make the most of each offensive possession. In the 62’ minute, FA Euro was given a free kick from just outside the 18-yard line, but midfielder Jason Lampkin couldn’t convert on the opportunity.

FA Euro nearly gave up another goal in the 73’ minute after Ocean City’s John Manga got a clean head on the ball but he couldn’t find the goal. Then, in the 74’ minute, Ocean City nearly capitalized on another opportunity, but McPartland made the scurrying save.

McPartland’s huge game continued for FA Euro in the 83’ minute when Ocean City’s forward Tyler Collishaw shot a screamer on net before McPartland made a phenomenal highlight real save. Collishaw’s shot stayed low forcing McPartland to lunge for the ball and just barely get his fingers on it.

Both teams came up empty on their late attempts to score. In the final minute of extra time, FA Euro nearly got the equalizer but it was nicely saved by Ocean City’s Keeper. For the second consecutive game and the 7th time this season FA Euro came up short as they fell to Ocean City 1-0.

FA Euro New York continues their season on Tuesday June 27th, when they welcome Reading United to Belson Stadium at 7:30 PM EDT. The game will be streamed on our official broadcast home,

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