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Opportunity & Honor (Juve Match Recap)

The only way most players would ever be able to play against a team like Juventus would be on PlayStation. The Viareggio Cup helped propel FA Euro on an international stage, where the boys locked horns with the Bianconeri, in the last match of the group stage. The match marked the end of FA Euro LIAC's run in the world renowned tournament, but it marked a new beginning for the club as our club crest became synonymous with the world's elite.

FA Euro versus Juventus, the reality didn't hit home for several of our players until after the plane touched down in JFK. But history has been made, the club (representing the entire continent) has garnered the respect of being a place of talent development from Europe's footballing giants.

FA Euro Starting XI: (Best, Rodriguez, Konate, Ponieman (Cap.), Briscoe, Santucci, Previte, Maiello, Yanez, Canalicchio, Vargas)

The first half was an incredibly even affair, with both sides sharing promising, goal scoring chances. Two golden chances came from both Dario Santucci and Thriston Briscoe within the first twenty minutes. Dario's low driven shot was met with great pace on the wet surface but was blocked away for a corner. Briscoe came close to breaking the deadlock when Juventus keeper Loria made another great save.

In the 30th minute, Juventus midfielder Nicolussi struck the ball from the outside of the box which fortunately slipped under Best's fingers. The first half ended 1-0, in a match that FA Euro played with dignity and class.

The second half saw several substitutions for FA Euro, with Kulas, Baskakov, Kazberuk, Vilcini, Yanes Jr., Balsamo and Buljubasic entering the fray. The tight result held until the last ten minutes of the match, with Juventus scoring 3 goals. However, the misleading result did not prevent the crowd and tournament from recognizing FA Euro as a club with prestige and honor.

For the full gallery of the match, click here

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