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Nicolò Baudo Returns After Four Year Hiatus

After a four year hiatus, Nicolò Baudo returns to the pitch, signing for the USL League 2 team. The current 2001 FA Euro Head Coach will join coaching colleagues Johan Mauritzson, Momodou Sawaneh, Adam Marcu, and Ben Marcu as staff members who also play for the first team.

The Sampdoria youth product will serve as one of the team veterans as he will be a central figure of Coach Balsamo's midfield. "Nicolò is a professional, inside and out." exclaims Coach Balsamo. "He has been working hard to regain full fitness, as it is difficult to return to play at a high level after some time away from the field. However, he still makes a difference even if he's not 100% yet. He is an excellent player who will be an important leader for the side."

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