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FA Euro Toronto Launches In 2018

OFFICIAL: FA Euro Toronto is the newest program, along the recently announced FA Euro Academy in Sarasota, that will launch in 2018 as part of the satellite expansion initiative previously set forth by the club.

The club, along with FA Euro New York and Academy, will debut in the Super Y League’s Midwest Division. It will also be the first FA Euro club to have a dedicated girls program that will also partake in the league with the club’s home ground to be located at Trio Sportsplex and Adidas Fields.

“Our relationship with FA Euro has been a greatly beneficial one for both the club and the Super Y League,” said Dominic Colarusso, the USL’s Associate of Business Development. “We’re thrilled to expand that relationship further with the addition of FA Euro Toronto to complement the club’s New York and Sarasota, Florida-based teams.”

FA Euro Toronto Technical Director, Rick Di Giornimo:

"We have made a big investment in state of the art facilities, fields, coaches and programs along with spending a lot of time and effort to train and develop our players to play and compete at the highest levels possible. That is why we need to be able to challenge them with the right competition and structure that resembles our philosophy and culture. The players join FA Euro not only for the high level training we provide but also for the club's ability to find the proper leagues such as the Super Y League, events and showcases for them to compete in that would reflect the type of training we do and level of play that they except to play in. The players expect us to help them create and find a path to either a professional contract, scholarship or high level soccer so that they can continue playing for years to come. The Super Y League offers all of this and more which is why we are joining this league now because we need to provide immediate attention to their needs. The league also allows for us in future to expand our teams into PDL with our New York satelite program which opens the pathway to greater opportunities.

The Super Y League will give our players the immediate exposure to this high level competition along with the ability for them to be seen by clubs in MLS and USL along with Universities and Colleges throughout North America. Our players are extremely excited for these games and they cannot wait to play against some of these top clubs and academies with the some of the top players in the nation. Our club is very excited to join the Super Y League because of the structure and organization of the league and their ability to recruit, scout and maintain top clubs and academies throughout North America. The Super Y league does a stellar job of creating events and competitions that best suit our pathway of player development. Our goal is to be able to have our teams compete at Nationals and have as many of our players get scouted for the USL experience that the Super Y League has to offer. On behalf of all of us at FA Euro Toronto, we would like to thank the Super Y League for allowing us these exceptional opportunities."

“FA Euro Toronto is a testament to the overall vision we are trying to achieve with FA Euro. We really want to make the club a global movement and working with like-minded people such as Rick really enables us to see the realization of these lofty ambitions.” said Club President Joe Balsamo. “The facilities in Toronto, like FA Euro Soccer Complex in Sarasota, are fantastic and our players will truly feel like professionals as their everyday needs will be catered to with upmost care and attention. In terms of opportunity, players among all three groups will now have a clear Path2Pro pathway as it will feed through our PDL program. We’re so excited and can’t wait for 2018 to come.”

“With our 2000’s team from our New York sector going down to Super Y League Nationals next it’ll be nice to one day see all our teams from all three satellite programs congregate together in Bradenton come 2018. said Executive Director Marco Balsamo. “We have been working tirelessly in seeing the FA Euro project grow and this most recent expansion has been a very satisfying experience. We would like to thank the Super Y League for being the premier league destination for all FA Euro youth players and our fantastic relationship and partnership with the league has really enabled us to grow in leaps and bounds.”

A part of United Soccer Leagues, LLC, which also operates the Division II USL, the new third-division league and Premier Development League, the Super Y League features a summer platform with an annual North American Championship in December.

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