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FA Euro SkillsU Programs Announced

OFFICIAL: The Club is excited to announce two new full-year development training programs, FA Euro SkillsU Futures and FA Euro SkillsU Tech. FA Euro SkillsU is a year-long, elite training program aimed at the honing of a player's technical and cognitive abilities. FA Euro SkillsU Futures is dedicated to younger players aged between 4-15 who wish to improve their fundamental technical skills. FA Euro SkillsU Tech is an advanced cognitive centric platform that incorporates sports technology to improve players' mental readiness through revolutionary initiatives in technical, tactical, and physical analyses for both training and competition to truly push athletic development to new heights. With the recent appointment of Artem Makarenko as the Club's Director of Sports Technology, FA Euro SkillsU Tech will incorporate state-of-the-art sports technology initiatives such as Veo, Intelligym, and PlayerMaker. 

Each program will be divided into 4 seasons throughout the year. FA Euro SkillsU Futures will kick off its Fall Season starting September 1st while FA Euro SkillsU Tech will launch in mid-Fall.

To register for FA Euro SkillsU Futures, visit

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