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FA Euro in Sweden with Globalteam

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

Together with GLOBALTEAM SPORTS, FA Euro travelled to Sweden on December 8-9 to host college showcases for boys and girls. The showcases was a major success and brought over 50+ students from academies all over Sweden. FA Euro and GLOBALTEAM SPORTS are looking to further the partnership in hosting even more college showcases in the near future.

GLOBALTEAM SPORTS helps soccer players from all over the world find the best U.S. college for them. The Company offers a player-centered process, including everyday, personal assistance as the player adjusts to life in the U.S., with a special focus on athletics, academics, and life skills. This unique ability to help the student athlete both on and off the soccer pitch is what separates GLOBALTEAM SPORTS from other companies.

FA Euro and GLOBALTEAM SPORTS will collaborate to create opportunities for players to attend college all over the U.S. and excel in the U.S. soccer system.

GLOBALTEAM SPORTS mission compliments FA Euro’s domestic mission to provide young players equal access to education through soccer.

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