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FA Euro Academy Opens in Sarasota

Euro Youth Football Association ("FA Euro”) and Elevation Prep Academy have announced a partnership to create an elite, full-year soccer program ("FA Euro Academy") to run in concert with Elevation Prep Academy's internationally accredited scholastic curriculum.

Through FA Euro Academy, Student-athletes from around the world will get a state of the art college preparatory education while preparing to compete in soccer at the collegiate and professional levels. FA Euro Academy will be based in beautiful Sarasota, Florida.

The mission of Elevation Preparatory Academy is always to put the student first. Elevation Preparatory Academy identifies and recognizes the potential of each and every student. It provides an environment in which students can strive to achieve their highest academic goals, and helps to prepare them for college and beyond. Elevation Preparatory Academy achieves this mission by challenging its students academically while teaching them to be responsible and compassionate members of both the school and global communities.

"Elevation Prep's growth over the past few years has made us uniquely positioned for this partnership and synergy between our flexible college preparatory curriculum and the rigorous athletic training that FA Euro Academy employs. We are very excited to have them join our elite group of sports and arts academies, and look forward to this dynamic partnership," says Tom Carollo, Managing Partner of Elevation Prep Academy.

Adopting a methodology and philosophy that addresses the tech­nical, tactical and physical aspects of the game, as well as emphasizing positive personal character traits and skills, FA Euro Academy prepares players to succeed on the field, in the classroom and in the community. FA Euro Academy's mission is to tap into each and every one of its students' true potential as players, scholars and people.

“Having grown up with him and being a former teammate of his on the field, I’ve never wanted to work with someone more than Ferdinando. I am proud and happy to say that know he is officially part of the FA Euro family on a full-time basis. The fact that we now run a year round program in conjunction with a world class boarding school such as Elevation Prep Academy takes our club to the next level.” - Joe Balsamo, FA Euro President

“We are thrilled to be working alongside the great people at Elevation Academy and feel that this is a big step forward for the club. It has been our goal from the get-go to expand into strategic territories that will help facilitate our dream of developing the players of tomorrow. Having lived in Florida for over ten years, I feel that Sarasota is the perfect place for players to develop as the climate allows them to train all year round. I cannot wait to get started.” - Ferdinando De Matthaeis, FA Euro Technical Director

“It’s been very difficult to keep this development under wraps but I am so happy that we are finally able to reveal another ambitious undertaking for this ever growing and evolving project. We grow more day after day and we continue to strive to make an impact on the soccer landscape. FA Euro Academy and FA Euro New York will work hand in hand in offering players an unparalleled experience for players.” Marco Balsamo, FA Euro Executive Director.

FA Euro Academy will "kick off" this upcoming season with summer camps before the start of the school year.

Call now at + 1941 371 0462 or email or at + 1941 735 1232 or more information.


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