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Euro Looks to Even Series v. Express

BROOKLYN, NY--Wednesday Night Showdown is in full swing as the Jersey Express (1-6-0) heads to New York City to take on FA Euro New York (2-5-0). After winning their season opener in Leesburg, Virginia. FA Euro New York played their second game of the 2017 PDL season in Elizabeth, NJ vs. the Jersey Express soccer club, where they scored no goals, and began a 5-game goal-less and losing streak. On Saturday, June 17th, the PDL club scored three goals on eight shots, and defeated Lehigh Valley United en route to the second win of their season.

The club's GM, Joey Jarzynka said to Natasha Yo of the I-95 Sports Network: "I thought it was a strong effort from start to finish. I believe that after our guys learned about Flaviano (Fraschetti) being released, it really helped them mentally. They now know that everyone on the team is expendable. No one is untouchable. This team needs to win, and must win now, and as the GM, I'm so happy to see that we hopefully can build on this win, and get more victories for our head coach (Joe Balsamo)."

Euro played their last game versus the Lehigh Valley United at a fast paced level. To start things off, Met Oval's star striker Alexis Santa began the scoring parade for the Euro club, who have not scored a single goal since May 13th. Next, Euro strikes again in the second half with a beautiful from Santa who crossed to Jason Lampkin, who then got his 2nd goal of the season. Lehigh Valley's Mark Forest then scored a goal for his team, respectively. And got the FA Euro club on their heels after jumping out to a 2-0 lead, it suddenly vanished. A late chance from Morten Wenaas, led to a corner kick, then in front of the goal crease, Tarek Beckles kicks in the teams 3rd goal of the match, and the game winning goal of the evening. The PDL club went on to win 3-2 and improve to 2-5-0

Top Defender Johan Mauritzon was removed from the teams match-up due to a hamstring pull. He will be day-to-day moving forward, and will not be ready for the Jersey Express matchup on Wednesday. Winger Robi Sillah, who has an undisclosed injury, will also be inactive. #ElCapitan, Christian Camacho will be welcomed back into the lineup tomorrow in Sillah's stead.

Projected Lineup for FA Euro

(1) Brian McPartland

(21) Leo Folla

(14) Momodou Sawaneh

(12) Benji Issroff

(8) Christian Camacho

(7) Morten Wenaas

(4) Conor McGlynn

(10) Alexis Santa

(9) Jason Lampkin

(22) Zhurabek Khusanboev

(17) Charlie Ledula

(25) Conor McElhinney

(27) Juan David Dominguez

(3) Robert Gomez

(6) Tarek Beckles

(13) Adam Marcu

(12) Nico Anderson

(11) Alberto Rebecca

The team released Davide Lorenzo, David Itoafa, and Flaviano Fraschetti in the recent few weeks. The team currently has been on their heels since those three were released from their PDL contracts. FA Euro, so far, has scored 5 total goals on the season, and have let up a total of 12 goals on the season with a plus minus goal ratio of -7 on the season. Euro is currently in 4th place in the Mid-Atlantic Conference with 6 points. They are mathematically still in the playoffs, and will be in the #PlayoffPush as the final month of the season kicks off in Queens.


1. Jason Lampkin (2)

2. Tarek Beckles (1)

2. Alexis Santa (1)

2. Johan Mauritzon (1)

Standings in Mid Atlantic Conference as of Tuesday 6/20/17

1. NY Red Bulls U23- 7-1-0

2. Ocean City Nor'Easters- 6-3-0

3. Reading United AC- 5-1-0

4. FA Euro New York- 2-5-0

5. Lehigh Valley United- 3-3-1

6. Evergreen FC- 1-6-1

7. Jersey Express- 1-6-0

The game can be viewed on the teams broadcast home, I-95 Sports and Entertainment Network.

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