Coaching Alignments Announced

During the Informational Summit taken place this past Saturday, the coaching staff for the 2017 season has been announced. The coaching alignments are the following:

2009 - Alessandro Amato

2007 - Adam Marcu

2006 - TBD

2005 - Marco Balsamo, Adam Marcu, Pietro Asaro

2004/3 - Salvatore Lo Piccolo

2002 - Angelo Genova

2001 - Pietro Asaro

2000 - Ben Marcu

1998 - TBD

"We are very excited with the new additions of the coaching staff. Our objective is to assemble a team of the most qualified, passionate coaches. We are on the right track." - Angelo Orlando, Director of Coaching.

Stay tuned as the club plans to announce it's new staff in the coming days.

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