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Club To Partner with U-ADE

FA Euro announces a partnership with the world's first sport specific performance drink U-ADE. The club is pleased to announce that U-ADE will be the official hydration supplier for FA Euro New York and Academy youth teams, PDL first team and club events taken throughout the year.

"We are really excited to be working with Cliff and U-ADE." Executive Director Marco Balsamo exclaims. They share the same vision of professionalism when it comes to our athletes and we want to cater the every needs of our players on and off the field to give them an experience they can't find elsewhere. Whether it's mental conditioning or the benefits U-ADE gives to our players to give whatever edge possible to feel and play better, we're on board." U-ADE created by parent company UpTempo Sports LLC, is the first sport specific performance drink of its kind and offers unique formulas specific to soccer, basketball, and football. UpTempo collaborated with players, coaches, nutritionists, and sports medicine professionals to create formulas that will help each athlete achieve peak performance. Formulas contain antioxidants, amino acids, anti-inflammatories, and vitamins along with natural flavors and natural colors. U-ADE formulas also utilize a host of other healthy ingredients such as sea salt which delivers a more sustainable hydration system which is new to the sports drink category. U-ADE has received rave reviews among student athletes, clubs, coaches, officials, sports medicine physicians, chiropractors and sports nutritionists. A strong roster of youth, high school and college teams currently use U-ADE's sport specific formulas have cited a reduction in soft tissue injuries while experiencing an increase in stamina and recovery since switching to the premium performance drink. "The U-ADE brand focuses on the advancement of each athlete - within and beyond the sidelines", says UpTempo Sports LLC CEO Cliff Rowley. "We believe every athlete who is part of the FA Euro New York and Academy Youth Programs will receive optimal performance when using U-ADE during training session and games". "We are looking forward to teaming up with Marco, and his staff because we know that FA Euro New York wants to provide the best atmosphere for their athletes to excel."

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