Club To Participate in Viareggio 2019

After making our tournament debut in 2018 (won by Inter Milan), FA Euro New York (in conjunction with LIAC) has confirmed that the club will return for the 2019 edition of the world's most prestigious professional youth showcase, the Viareggio Cup.

Tryouts will be held through out the globe (taking place in the United States, Canada and Italy), with the club searching for elite players looking to make a giant leap at the highest level of play.

"Our first experience at Viareggio was a memorable one." exclaims Executive Director Marco Balsamo. "We made a good impression against some of the best clubs in the world and received respect and recognition for our efforts. Now, with some newfound momentum thanks to our recent tour in Sicily, we want to not only compete at that level, but succeed."

One of the most important youth professional showcases in the world, the Viareggio Cup has produced world-class talents since 1949, in what is truly a breeding ground for stars. The club's Under 19's will be on display in hopes of becoming scouted and becoming professional players overseas, whether it be in Italy or other countries in Europe.

Enrico Brignola (pictured above), who faced against FA Euro New York last year while playing for Benevento, has now signed a contract with Serie A side US Sassuolo.

Acting as a professional showcase, the Viareggio Cup has been the launching pad for many soccer legends. Pirlo, Inzaghi, Totti, Buffon, Gattuso, Nesta, Cannavaro, De Rossi, Balotelli, Del Piero, Costacurta, Maldini, Insigne, Darmian, Zaza, Marchisio, Zambrotta, Cassano, Giovinco, El Shaarawy, Bonaventura, and Bernadeschi are just some of the Italian alumni that have risen from this tournament. Non-Italian alumni include Lahm, Schweinsteiger, Papu Gomez, Pandev, Basta, Cavani, Éder, Nainggolan, Biabiany, Lukaku, Falque, Obi, Jorginho, and Icardi to name a few.

Tryouts for the Viareggio Cup will be announced shortly.


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