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Club To Compete in Viareggio Cup

LITTLE NECK, NY-- Euro Youth Football Association and Lega Italio Americana Calcio (L.I.A.C.) have partnered together to bring the 2000 Super Y League FA Euro team across the Atlantic to participate in the 2018 Viarregio Cup Youth Football Tournament in the Tuscany region of Italy.

Joe Balsamo had told I-95 Sports Network a couple of weeks ago, "I'd like to thank L.I.A.C. President Joe Luongo and Vice President Franco Mangione for their hard work into making this partnership come to fruition. We will do our best to elevate football in America and we will be working hard alongside Ferdi [de Matthaeis] at FA Euro Academy in Sarasota, FL to find the best players in the country."

Club President Joe Balsamo and L.I.A.C. President Joe Luongo were contacted by the State of New York Soccer Federation, they couldn't say no to the life altering offer they were given. Joe Luongo in his speech during the Press Briefing, "When Sal Rapaglia reached out to Joe Balsamo, myself, and Franco Mangione, regarding the merge of FA Euro and LIAC, we all thought it was a wonderful idea. A great idea. I met Joe about 10 years ago, and I thought he was a good man, a great coach, and I knew we could work together. I hope this partnership is going to bring good, talented kids to Italy, so we can compete against the best players in the world."

Head Coach Ben Marcu of the Super Y League's 2000's team told Mike Slavit of I-95 Sports Network after the press briefing. "It is an unbelievable opportunity for the club, but primarily for the players. To see them on the international stage, the scouts, the players, the atmosphere. They get to represent not only FA Euro, but to represent the United States. Not alot of people have a chance to do that, but I think it will be fun for the players as they showcase their talents."

The Viareggio Cup has produced world class talents since 1949, which has included Pirlo, Schweinsteiger and Balotelli to name a couple, and to send our players across to Tuscany, will make players such as Enci Roci, Nick Baskakov, Jayson Pineda, and Vincent Balsamo ready to play on football's big stage next March. The tournament is officially recognized by FIFA, UEFA, CONI, and FIGC. FA Euro will be joining clubs such as the U19's for Juventus FC, AC Milan, Bologna, Napoli, Fiorentina, and many more Serie A teams in the Italian Soccer Federation.

Baskakov told I-95 Sports Network. "I'm very excited to head to Viareggio, it is the best youth tournament. Our own Alberto Rebecca was there, tons of scouts there, and an easier path to professional ball through this tournament. I am truly blessed."

Vincent Balsamo of the 2000's Super Y League discusses with I-95 Sports Network about his teams participation as well. "It's a great honor to participate in something prestigious, to showcase at a professional level, its truly an honor. I'm excited to play out there."

For the full panel's press briefing video, log onto our Facebook and YouTube pages for the behind the scenes interviews with Joey Jarzynka and Michael Slavit. Also, for more information on the Viareggio Cup and FA Euro's participation, log on to and or

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