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Club Announces FA Euro Bridgeview

OFFICIAL: In partnership with Bridgeview Soccer Academy, the FA Euro announces its latest youth sector expansion, which will be called FA Euro Bridgeview. FA Euro Bridgeview will work in tandem with FA Euro New York to develop players from five years old to thirteen years old. Elshan Gambarov, Oleg Sarumov, and Marco Balsamo will serve as the FA Euro Bridgeview executives. The merger between FA Euro New York and Bridgeview Soccer Academy will create brand new opportunities for FA Euro players to learn and develop at the Club's home base in Brooklyn. Following the merger the Club with have over twenty youth teams competing in local and regional leagues throughout the northeast.

"FA Euro Bridgeview will serve as the foundation for our clearly identified player pathway," said FA Euro New York Executive Director Marco Balsamo in a statement made late Friday night at FA Euro New York's clubhouse in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. "This joint effort among Joe, Elshan and Oleg has been a year in the making and we are confident that together, within this ever-growing, yet close knit, footballing community, we will raise the bar in youth player development under one identity and one family and with a mutually shared vision and set of values."

Elshan Gambarov and Oleg Sarumov are the newest editions to the FA Euro family, both serving as executives for FA Euro Bridgeview

In the first year of the partnership, FA Euro Bridgeview will hold teams from the 2012 - 2005 age groups, which will each take part in competitive league play starting in the Fall of 2019. The merger between the two clubs will usher in a complete integration of FA Euro New York's coaching and developmental methodology, across FA Euro Bridgeview. This integration will also include sharing training & match day facilities and both synthesizing and synergizing Club coaching staff and program offerings. 

Team and coaching alignments will be announced on Sunday, June 30th at the merger press conference and parent/player town hall meeting. The meeting/press conference will take place in the auditorium at New Utrecht High School (1601 80th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11214) and begin promptly at 4:00 PM.

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