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Chung and Santa Sign For PDL

BROOKLYN, NY - FA Euro New York has landed two new additions, who they are familiar with, but not in a good way.

College Point native Alexis Santa, 19 was signed to a year long deal to play on the PDL club, along with his teammate and best friend from the Super Y League days in Ecuadorian native, Miguel Chung, 19. Both are familiar with each other while playing with Met Oval FC in the Super Y League. A major coincidence for these two central Americans to be playing for the FA Euro club due to the fact, that these two outstanding young men were the ones to single handedly defeat our U18 club in Sarasota, Florida during the fall championships.

Santa, 19; has played soccer his entire life here in the United States. Beginning all the way back from Kosmos FC located in Kissena Park, to the Manhattan Soccer Club days only a few years ago. Alexis led his U19 squad to their first state, regional and national championship in 2014. The journey then continued for the College Point native, where he brought his talents to the Manhattan PSG Soccer Club, which has been known to garner top tier talent in all levels of play, such as the PDL, USL and NCAA. In 2015, Santa and his U18 Manhattan team won yet another state title, but the ultimate goal was to bring home another national championship which Alexis was not present for, the year before. Injuries and NCAA commitments would not bring the Manhattan team another national title, but that was okay for Santa, as he already soaked in all the glory the year before for the U19 team for Kosmos FC. Alexis currently attends ASA College in Brooklyn, NY and hopes to gain the same success as he has in recent years at the NJCAA Division I level, in addition to a PDL championship.

Chung, 19; a proud Ecuadorian native who was brought here to the United States when he was 5 years old, has played soccer all his life, even before he was brought state side by his loving parents. Miguel, at the time, a young boy, loved and cherished soccer so much that he began playing in Central America for a club named San Eduardo, where he played since he could walk. He then played with a team in Flushing called Azteca FC, where he gained a ton of success, and became a name in New York City, where FA Euro had him on their "person of interest" list. The entire time, these two gentlemen were a few months away from meeting each other as they both met at the Manhattan PSG Soccer Club in 2015. Chung also has gone on to play at ASA New York in Brooklyn with Santa and the NJCAA Division I squad beginning in Fall 2017.

In 2016, Alexis Santa and Miguel Chung played on a team together that defeated the youth FA Euro squad in December. Santa scored a hat trick during that championship game back in December at IMG Academy in Sarasota. Now, these two best friends will be joining their once called, "rivals."

Santa and Chung will be seeing their first action on April 1st in a scrimmage versus St. Francis (NY) Terriers, and April 13th on Long Island versus the Hofstra Pride.

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