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Avinash Singh Trials with Halmstad BK

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

2005 midfielder Avinash Singh will undergo a youth trial with professional Swedish side, Halmstad BK. In what is another collaborative initiative between both clubs, Avinash 'Avi', is the first youth player to be selected to showcase his abilities after impressing, alongside the 2005 team, at the recent LaxaCup tournament.

"This is an incredible opportunity for Avi to learn and mature and really test himself against top competition in Europe. He is learning how to fend for himself. He is witnessing first hand the realities of being by himself in a foreign country and needing to perform his best without his FA Euro coaches or teammates around him. This is the life of a professional footballer—it is sink or swim and it is entirely down to the player. Avi has worked so hard for this chance and deserves every opportunity that comes from it. He’ll have earned it. We are all pulling for him. I also would be remiss if I didn’t thank Johan Mauritzson and GLOBALTEAM SPORTS for their key role in putting this opportunity together. This never would have been possible without them.” - Coach Adam Marcu

”Halmstads BK is a club in Sweden/Scandinavia that develops a lot of young talent to their professional first team as well as the top Swedish league and other top European leagues. This is a great opportunity for Avinash, he will be given first hand experience from a top youth academy while building a name for himself for his future career in soccer. It feels especially good to give this chance to a player that deserves it and has been working hard for this opportunity for a long time. It is also very special for myself to be able to bring players back to my homegrown club and give players the chance to explore their chances in making it professionally.” - Coach & GLOBALTEAM SPORTS Johan Mauritzson

"Training with Halmstad BK's U14 side this week has been a great experience for me in terms of getting closer to my goal of playing soccer professionally. It put me into an environment which i had never been in previously. I learned a lot about different concepts of the game and different ways to learn more about the game. It also personally allows me to evaluate myself compared to to players in a top Scandinavian club. I would like to thank Johan Mauritzson, GLOABLTEAM Sports and FA Euro for giving me this huge opportunity to play in a European Academy. -Avinash Singh, FA Euro 2005

The club would like to wish Avinash the best of luck on this endeavor. Forza Avi!

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