Assistant HC Marco Balsamo Suspended vs. NYRB

BROOKLYN, NY--Assistant Coach Marco Balsamo has been suspended for the upcoming match versus the New York Red Bulls U23 club. Tensions were high in the Lehigh Valley matchup and his protests after FA Euro's third goal which was disallowed was enough to get himself thrown off the bench and told to sit in the press box for the remainder of his clubs match. According to an official referee match report, he was the one who knocked over a water bottle, and directed abusive language towards the officials. As he told I-95 Sports Network after the match, "Issues across the board in this match-up. But I just took one for the team, because I wasn't the one who knocked over the water bottle."

Balsamo, 25, has an 0-1 record unofficially as Head Coach, when he coached his fathers team in May, when Joe Balsamo was suspended for that matchup after abusive language confrontation with an official during the teams home opener on Memorial Day Weekend. Coaching under his father and current Head Coach Joe Balsamo, he has landed a solid position on the bench. He will now have to watch the second to last away match of the 2017 season, from the press box with his General Manager (Joey Jarzynka).

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