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Artem Makarenko Named Director of Sports Technology

OFFICIAL: FA Euro New York communicates that Artem Makarenko has been named club Director of Sports Technology. Makarenko will oversee all elements of player development via the utilization of exciting new sports technology initiatives.

The club will usher in a new era of player development and analysis tools, implementing state-of-the-art sports technology programs such as Intelligym, Veo, and Playermaker. 

"We are constantly looking to raise the bar in youth soccer development," says Club Executive Director, Marco Balsamo. "Our sports technology initiative is the next natural step of player development as the sport and technology continue to blend and integrate organically with one other. Artem is so ahead of the curve when it comes to sports technology; he is one of the more vocal pioneers in the field and is the perfect advocate to bring these new, exciting, but more importantly, meaningful initiatives to the forefront of the Club."  

Intelligym is a video-game-like training program designed to improve the cognitive performance of competitive athletes using Applied Cognitive Engineering (ACE). ACE develops software-based cognitive training platforms which are tools used to significantly improve the performance of trainees in targeted tasks.

Veo is an AI-powered sports camera that creates a full viewable recording and analysis of team training and matches which allows 180 degrees of panoramic viewing. Veo's AI software detects the ball and follows its movement automatically without the need for a cameraman. Team and individual highlights can be marked, downloaded, and shared with players and coaches. 

Playermaker is an innovative athlete performance tracking platform that is specifically designed for football at every level. Utilizing a smart motion sensor on a players boots, it presents unparalleled insights on technical, tactical, physical, load and gait analysis, for the players and coaching staff.  football analytics software that utilizes a smart motion sensor attached directly onto a player's boot.

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