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2018|19 Club Registration Open

With the Spring season finishing off in triumphant fashion with our 2000 team becoming EDP Champions with a 5-1 victory over Met Oval, the club has set sights for the upcoming 2018-19 season.

Below is an official communication from Executive Director Marco Balsamo to club players regarding the new season.

With groundbreaking achievements such as becoming Super Y League National Finalists, participating in the world renowned Viareggio Cup, and several players receiving college scholarships, it was a terrific season and the club is working tirelessly to give players an even better experience next year. As the club continues to improve and expand, we are excited to share the news that the 2018-19 season will see the debut of the FA Euro Cup which will take place in New York and Sarasota. International tournaments will also be a key point this upcoming season as the club will participate in the San Marino Cup, Universal Youth Cup, Dallas Cup, and the Viareggio Cup. These tournaments will provide unrivaled showcase opportunities for players, offering true opportunities seldom found elsewhere. We would like to thank all the players and parents for your continued support and are so proud to have you as part of our growing FA Euro Family. The following outlines the registration for the upcoming 2018/19 season for FA Euro New York players.

  • In an effort to keep this upcoming year cost-effective and affordable for parents, prices will remain the same for the 2018-19 season.

  • The club will keep the new 2018-19 gear for 2 seasons. Players must purchase the 2018-19 gear before the start of the new season. If a player wishes to purchase additional gear, they may do so online at New club players must purchase their gear separately online.

  • The club implements a one time annual payment in addition to a month to month coaching payment system. Registration is to be paid directly to the club, whereas monthly coaching payments are to be made directly to coaches.

  • Coaching fees are due at the start of each month, over a 10 month period (club activities are suspended in January and August).

  • Yearly registration includes Fall + Spring play (Note the Spring season can sometimes bleed into late June).

  • Yearly registration does not include Super Y League (pending age group participation). Super Y League will be $ 475.00 for FA Euro players and $720.00 for new club players.

  • Payments are non-refundable.

  • Early Bird Deadline: July 10, 2018 | Pay by early bird date to receive a free training t-shirt

  • Hard Deadline: August 5, 2018 | Payments made after deadline will incur a $75 late registration fee

  • Payments can be submitted online, via check or credit card, at or in person at the clubhouse, located at 7707 17th Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11214

Together we can continue to push the boundaries of player development while keeping the costs affordable for all.

FA Euro New York players can register online by clicking the link here.

FA Euro Academy (Sarasota, Florida) players can register online by clicking the link here.

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