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2007 Off To A Perfect Start

The 2007 team have begun to see the fruits of their labor as the boys who struggled through out the entire season last year starting anew with an emphatic double digit victory over Warriors United. The team have improved emphatically in such a short time and player additions such as Arthur Dysko and Anderson Guevara have integrated seamlessly into the fold, making a difference on the field with their new teammates.

The romp saw a plethora of goals from Dysko, whose set piece capabilities were deadly accurate, along with goals from Spencer Palapa, Aaron Altamirano, Giovanni Jacobo, and Edion Zeqa who scored a single goal on his field debut with the club.

The boys couldn't have started this season off on better foot with not only the team's clinical finishing seeing an improvement, but also their style of play being radically different compared to last years. The team seems to be more confident on the ball and have begun to understand the principles of play, especially on the tactical aspects of the match.

Coach Adam Marcu commented on the team's performance: "I'm excited with how we started this season. We looked like we were playing soccer, and despite some improvements we need to make, the boys are improving in stride. I am happier with the first half than the second but the most important element to take in is that we are creating a cohesive unit with great chemistry and tremendous potential. The future looks bright for the team and hopefully we can take this victory and continue with the momentum."

The 2007 face off against Vera's Soccer Academy on September 23rd, at 2:00 PM, away at St. Michael's.

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