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2002 Returns to Whitewater

BROOKLYN, NY---The 2002 team, led by Pietro Asaro will be returning to Wilkes Barre, PA for the "Whitewater Cup Classic" tournament, which will feature FA Euro as one of three clubs from outside of Pennsylvania to participate in this event.

The event will take place on Labor Day Weekend from September 2nd to the 3rd, in a two day tournament, that will be one full day of soccer, along with a white water rafting trip for the players to enhance their experience in Pennsylvania.

The Whitewater Cup Classic Tournament will feature a minimum of three games per club. Along with 3 divisions for U9 through U19. The boys bracket will be playing on Saturday, while the girls bracket will be playing on Sunday. The Whitewater Cup Trophy will be distributed to the winners and the runner up. Individual player medallions will be handed out for first, second, and third place, according to the website.

Head Coach Pietro Asaro told I-95 Sports Network this morning, "The kids will love this tournament. It puts them together. It prepares the team for the season, not so much for a result, but to create something. You have a bunch of players that you can try in different positions, and spots on the field. You also play 4-5 games, depending if you make the playoffs."

The schedule for your 2002 FA Euro is as follows:

9:00am- FA Euro 2002 vs. Trailblazers (Schnecksville, PA)--Field 18--Luzerne County Park

10:30am- FA Euro 2002 vs. Northeast Attack (Shaverstown, PA)-Field 18- Luzerne Cty. Pk.

Remainder of the Schedule will be TBD: as the 2002 must win to advance in the tournament.

For more information, please log on to "" for more details.

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