2000 Team Surpass First Test Ahead of Viareggio

The 2000 had their first official scrimmage in anticipation to the Viareggio Cup, scheduled to kick off this March, against FC Barcelona Academy of Long Island. In what was a tightly contested game between two like minded teams; however, a late surge in the second half by FA Euro saw three goals scored within the last seven minutes of the match. Individual goals by Robert Almanzar, Mark Shnadshteyiv, and a brace by Sory Konate were enough to give FA Euro a 4-0 victory.

"The result is a bit dishonest as we played against a very good, technical side. We were excellent in our positioning as we remained compact throughout the entire game. We were patient in our build-up play and were lethal when we needed to be. Overall, I'm very satisfied with the team's performance. It was a good test for us." Joe Balsamo - 2000 Team Head Coach.

The team will continue to prepare for the upcoming Viareggio Cup, with an official roster reveal to be announced in February.



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